Let it Shine - Palanga 2018 (EN)
Dear Air and Water-Cooled friends,

I am very proud to announce this historical event where VeeDubs and classic Porsches will meet each other at the Lithuanian seaside in the town of Palanga. We will rock the city and make a historical comeback after more than 10 years.
All classic VeeDubs and Porsches are welcome! 

Event date to put in your diaries: 15-17th of June 2018
Event location: Palanga, Lithuania
Event home base: Ošupio Vasarnamis - Ošupio takas 1F, 00324 Šventoji, Lithuania
Event organizers: Lithuanian Beetle Club and Porsche Classic Club
The program of events and registration will be announced soon.


    15:00 Registration at the Osupio Summerhouse, Osupio tak. 1f, Palanga

    Free time at the beach!

    Have you ever dreamed to send or receive a message in a bottle? We can write a letter and seal it in a bottle. One of the organizers will send the bottle into the Baltic Sea for you. Let's wait for the answer and travel to the one of the 9 countries around the Baltic Sea.
    20:00 Traditional 'Beetle' Soup
    21:00 'Night Cruise' 1 - 1,5 hours cruise to the mysterious (!) place.
    P.S. Friday is a day of soberness! For evening trips, please be wary of your alcohol consumption, or have another driver in your crew!


09:30 Arrival at Palanga airport
10:00 Fun @ airport, driving, speeding, traditional 'Beetle' bowling and many pictures
12:00 We drive to Palanga City Center

During the exhibition:
a / The Palanga audience votes on the most beautiful car
b / The jury decides on a winner of a shiniest car
c / The jury decides on a winner of the most beautiful bus
d / The jury decides on a winner of the most beautiful Custom car
e / The jury decides on a winner of the best picture and many other prizes.
f / 14:00 - 18:00 Soap bubbles and music program
g / 16:00 Excursion to the Palanga Resort Museum - "Travel through time" and the most beautiful car awards! Award-winning sponsor: Airmighty Megascene Magazine
h / Ever dreamed about historical plates? Only for LT registrations.

18:00 Die Grosse Parade. Car parade Palanga - Sventoji.
21:00 Musical surprise in the camp and presentation of the new 'Beetle' hit!
22:00 Fireworks and official closing.


    Free time.
    Since the camp has a limited number of rooms, we ask you to register as soon as possible. Late registration will be more expensive.

    Cruise Rules:

    a / We understand this is a fun event, but do not experiment with alcohol, or have another driver in your crew
    b / Treat yourself and others well. Do not use a police siren and a lamp - they do not get into the competition Smile
    c / We have to leave on time. Please get back to your car at a specified time.
    d / If you have a technical problem, we might be able to help you. Just warn us on time.
    e / In case of a technical failure, please wait until we are in a position to help you, or arrange an appointment with your friend.
    f / The organizers will have a start-box, first aid kit and be ready to provide some technical knowledge Smile
    g / Parade and parking at locations - according to the schedule shown. General rule: respect the elderly.

    The organizers reserve the right to change the program.



After registration You will receive an email with further information and bank account to pay the registration fee. Please specify the payment purpose.

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